website design case study

website design case study

website design case study

Client: Matt Hart Bowen Therapy

What’s it like to work with findability?

We created this website design case study to go through our process, and give you a look behind the curtain of how we make the magic happen.

You can visit Matt Hart Bowen Therapy here.

Website design case study

Step 1: what are we starting with?

In this project, we were starting with an existing brand.

By using Matt’s existing site, we already had a lot of information to work with. An important of rebuilding the website was to structure the content in such as way that was appealing to search engines.

In most sites, we have a structure that is made up of:

  • homepage
  • about page
  • how to work with us
  • how to buy from us (one off, recurring and / or packages)
  • frequently asked questions
  • latest news
  • contact form

We already had the content for the majority of these pages. But it’s important that we have a solid understanding of what is going to be laid out on the page when designing.

This might sound obvious, but many a website project has been built with a “we’ll just put the words in later” mentality – and it usually ends in tears.

Step 2: get clear on the brand style guide

Matt didn’t have a brand style guide that could clearly identify colours, fonts, etc., to be used within the design process.

Matt is based in Ocean Grove, Victoria, which has a huge surfing community so we wanted to appeal to that in our branding.

A brand style guide starts with defining the brand story and figure out what the mission and the values of the company are, and the vision of what they’re looking to achieve.

We already had some words that Matt had figured out that he wanted to use in his site, the key messages, and the ideal client pain points that he wanted to address throughout the site.

There was a logo in place already, which we tidied up a bit and gave it some more room to breathe.

We always make some different colour variations for the screen and print. We also do some other mock-ups of other variations for Square and for icon / symbol.

Another important thing to figure out is typography, what’s the display font, the Serif Font for headings, the Sans-Serif Font for the body copy, and the Script Font that we use in our hero images.

Step 3: source stunning imagery

In order to achieve the high-impact visuals we were looking for, we used stock footage from some surfers, and then turned that footage into imagery to use on the website. We can then also use that footage on social media and on the website down the track.

Step 4: design concepts

Once we have all our assets in one place, we can then lay them out on a page and make sure the client’s happy before we actually start building the website.

And that’s what we’ve done with Matt’s website design. We built four pages for the client to review, and once they’re happy with that, we were then able to then slice it all up and then convert it into our website.

Step 5: website build

We built the website in WordPress. It’s a very contemporary design, with lots of large imagery and big print on the screen. It’s very easy to read for anyone of any age to understand what’s going on.

We integrated Matt’s preferred social media platform, which is Instagram. We’ve laid out the pages fairly easy. Easy to find out what Bowen Therapy is.

The user can scroll through the pages and see what information is on the screen. Large text, lots of open space, and easy to understand, and lots of beautiful imagery that makes it compelling to continue forward throughout the site.

In the frequently asked questions section, we built a table of contents that will grow over time. Each time someone clicks on a question, it takes them down to the answer. There’s a summary and they can then click through to read the full length version of the answer.

They can book a session from every page which will then take them to Matt’s booking platform, and then look at other questions available.

In the section about Matt Hart, we built more information about his love of gardening, as well as surfing, and included previous videos that he had on his old site as well. We included a latest news section that Matt can add content to at his own pace and easily enough for anyone to look at that and scroll through.

And finally, we built a contact page which has all the information of where to find Matt, how to get in touch with him, and book a session through the website.

What's your project?

Every project is different, but has the same starting point.

Where are you at now, where do you want to go, what assets are already in place, and what else is required to make sure we have everything we need to complete your website build.

Reach out to us for a discussion about your website project – we would love to help!

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