A Bendigo SEO company that is actually based in Bendigo.

Who would have thought that when you searched for “seo bendigo” that you would actually find someone who does that. In Bendigo.

We’re not just another agency based in a capital city that says that they do local Bendigo SEO. We don’t have landing pages that just swap out the town name, and leave everything else the same.
Yep – we’re local to Bendigo, just like you. Let’s get to know each other.

Why you need to do SEO

findability owner - Phil Gutteridge
Small business owners are constantly struggling to get found online. It’s not easy to attract customers if they can’t find you.
We’ve made it our mission to help small businesses succeed with SEO without breaking the bank. We break down our service offerings into bite-sized chunks so you can easily understand what you’re buying, and move at your own pace.
By working with us, you’ll receive an expertly crafted SEO strategy for your business at a price point that won’t break your budget.

How we approach SEO

It depends on whether you have an existing website or not. If you do, we start with an audit. If not, we start with keyword research.

An SEO audit can increase your website traffic with reports that outline issues and provide solutions.

Increase your website traffic and conversion rates by targeting the right audience with the right message using keyword research.

Competitor Research

Competitive research helps you to understand which keywords will be most profitable and gives you insight into what type of content you should create to rank better.

From the keyword and competitor research, we’ll be able to generate great content that will make your site stand out from the crowd and convert more visitors into customers or leads.

On Page Optimisation

Once your content has been created, it needs to be entered into your website correctly, and optimised properly so that search engines can read it as intended. Slugs, meta data, heading tags, images, site architecture – leave it up to us!

Being able to be found on Google Maps is a must in business today. Business listing management remains an important part of local search, and building and maintaining an accurate local presence is essential.

Ongoing Content Strategy

Once we’ve created the skeletal structure of your website (what you do, services, etc.) we move on to adding content to your site weekly. Latest news, answering FAQs … there’s lots of ways to add fresh content to your site each week.

Reporting and Tracking

It’s important to know which direction you’re heading, and the impact that your SEO strategy is having on your business.  Realistically your strategy will need a minimum of six months to a year to come to fruition.

Start with a free consultation

Use the contact button below to schedule an initial consultation with findability.
We’ll examine your current position and show you exactly how we can get you to where you want to be with a customised SEO campaign.
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