seo services for small business

seo services for small business
affordable seo services for small business
affordable seo services for small business


seo services for small business

How to get found online by people already searching for what you do.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You wear all the hats in your business
  • You’ve already done online courses to get more leads
  • Bought it yourself, but could be done better
  • Putting in high effort, with “okay” rewards
  • You’re not growing fast enough
  • Trying to figure out what marketing to do next that will produce good results
  • It takes too long to learn the next bit – you just want to focus on your clients
  • You’re aware there’s an opportunity to grow, but you don’t know what next step to take
  • You want to get off the hamster wheel of constantly making content to get new business
  • You want a set and forget option that drives highly qualified leads to your business
  • You know you need to do something to make something else happen

Wondering why your competitors are found first?

When your clients get amazing results, and tell you “I wish I’d found you earlier!” their word of mouth will work for you, but your website isn’t. And, if your website isn’t being found… you’re not even in the running.

Affordable SEO services for small business start at $497*.

Let’s get you found on Google and Bing! We will:

  • Find you the top 5-7 topics that your ideal client is actively looking for already, so that you can create content for your website and social media channels that meets their need – so you can move up the Google search results list
  • Create an evidence-based strategic action plan so that you can make effective and worthwhile changes to your website and digital assets so that you can stop fluffing about, second guessing yourself
  • Spend some time beforehand getting to know you and your business, and also go through the topics and action plan so that it all makes sense to you
  • In short – professional advice on the next steps to take

Imagine if ...

  • Your phones rang first before your competitors
  • You were able to choose which jobs or customers you took on
  • You were able to make this happen without doing another $2.5k plus course

In short, we help you get found in your town.

At findability we provide affordable seo services for small business.

Take the guesswork out of being found!

Affordable SEO services for small business can help boost your bottom line!

Ready to work smarter, not harder? Ready to become magnetic to your ideal client?

How? … by answering the questions they are actively seeking.

We give you the inside scoop on what your clients are looking for online so you can tailor your next blog post, web page, sales copy or digital downloadable lead magnet.

For just $497* you get:

  • 30 minute discovery meeting to understand your business, goals, customers and competition
  • Detailed analysis of your business and your position in the local market
  • A detailed action plan to increase your findability in search engines
  • Key topics your clients are searching for
  • 30 minute summary meeting to ensure you are super clear about the next steps

Work with us!

Let’s get started! Send us your details and tell us about your existing website.

We will be in touch with you to discuss your business, and how we can help you get found online.

*$497 Australian dollars, and includes GST. We work with WordPress – see our FAQ for more information.
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